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A case study in C with Bubble Pop

The C language is a particularly interesting language to code in. While most, perhaps, would not prefer it as the language of choice for anything save OS application or Firmware, its abstraction level allows for coders to see quite easily what the machine that is running their program is doing at an assembly language level. Now one may argue that unless I have a specialized task that requires stringent knowledge of the low level workings of my code it is far better to use a high level, OOP language such as python where far more seasoned programmers have developed, tested, and hopefully perfected large numbers of helper functions and convenient data structures. I do agree with the previously mentioned attitude when trying to functionally produce some software within real world contraints. However, C offers another itself up for another use, as a learning tool. This is why in this blog post I will delve into my personal C learning tool, a case study in C by means of a Bubble Pop implmentation. It covers everything from abstract data types to pass by pointer semantics and even some ncurses.

First as I prefer to learn in code lets get the source and compile it so we can have something to look at other than my mediocre writing. Download the source off my github then, navigate into the folder and enter “make install” this will install gcc and the ncurses library if you do not have them already and finally compile the source code. More to follow…

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