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USRP/GNURadio Build From Source Guide

This is a build guide for GNURadio / UHD which I received from Ettus Research in a support session. It should allows anyone, even someone new to Linux to get a USRP working, regardless of the hardware revision. I in no way wrote this guide. Absolutely all credit goes to the engineers at Ettus Research who wrote this guide and sent it to me during a support session. However, I in all my highly skilled googling was not able to find this guide or something like it on the USRP/GNURadio wiki site, or really anywhere else. I know there must be some other frustrated souls out there trying to get PyBombs to work or attempting to compile on up-to-date Linux... read more

Airfoil analysis by scripts

A common issue encountered in many fields of engineering is the inability to analyze large sets of data due to limitations of skilled man power availability. I in particular have encountered this issue during my time as aerodynamics lead for the UIC AIAA DBF 2014/2015 team. In particular one of the first decisions to be made involving true quantitative analysis was to pick an airfoil for the main wing. While on the surface this issue may seem near trivial -read to find desirable characteristics for the given mission profile and pick an airfoil exhibiting them- the reality is that there are thousands of different airfoils available from just the UIUC database. And, with only a few team members, wading through... read more

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