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New rocket build: Apogee Level 2 Rocket kit

Update: Flawless launch and recovery! Unfortunately I was too distracted during the actual launch to take a picture. Safely on the ground Ready for launch Very fun build. Still waiting for it’s maiden launch. Overall High Heat Coating/Engine Retainer Fillets Electronics bay and first paint Coming together Endless sanding First E... read more

Intelligence level password security

One of the most common problems in security I enounter as a security aware person is password generation and remembrance. Where can a person, especially a non tech-savy user, come up with secure randomly generated passwords; how can they remember them? If I have trouble as a tech savy professional how could the average user of a secure system, maintain private and random passcodes? Add in intelligence level activities such as sneak-n-peak warrants, or illegal searches by foreign intelligence services and what hope have we of maintaining the security of and remembering 10-20 mixed character passcodes. Furthermore, past hacking has show that the personal computers of secure users, even the most intelligent, can be compromised through a variety of methods.... read more

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