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Old school cabling (Courtesy of the Smithsonian)

These pictures are from the Aerospace Smithsonian, the first few are of a power-distribution-unit from the Space Shuttle and show some, surprisingly, messy looking cabling. However, in their defense, it is pretty neat and I doubt visual aesthetics were any where near as important as using the shortest cable paths due to weight concerns. Also surprising, the cables exhibit minimal insulation. Once again I would think this is attributed to weight concerns yet as it is such a critical component I would have expected something sturdier so as to avoid any possible complication that could be brought about by a short or disconnect due to mechanical failure from the violent launch. Lastly there is a large soldered circuit which was a part of an exhibit labeled as a Minute Man Missile Guidance system. While there was no further information on the system this one part was particularly interesting as based on the look of the connections and the design of the original component it looks like it could be a FPGA so large that someone can solder the connections themselves.

Power Supply Pic 1

Power Supply Pic 2

Power Supply Pic 3

Minuteman FPGA

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